"It is not the strongest species that survive,
nor the most intelligent, but the ones who are most
RESPONSIVE to change"
- Charles Darwin

Technology has reinvented the patient journey...
How well have you responded ?

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The evolution of the patient journey has created  
a market share battle for the right patients

...and those most responsive
to their patients will  
not only survive,

but thrive

Impressions are formed well before
a patient sets foot in your practice

What are 200
U.S. web
users searching for?
General Health Information
Disease/Medical Problem

Of Americans say their healthcare decisions are impacted by social media

1.2 Billion healthcare-based Facebook posts by patients per week

of patients won't recommend physicians with poor mobile sites

How Compelling is your impression?

Clarify Digital solves the
problem of attracting the
right new patients for physicians,
practices & hospitals while
improving loyalty and retention

Our approach to creating and maintaining your unique Digital Brand, guarantees

target patients you want
improve physician/ hospital relationship
measurable increase in roi
broader awareness
Acquire & Retain New Patients
improve patient satisfaction
improve financial performance
unique selling proposition